The Best Fishing Games

rapala fishing gameThough nothing beats being out on the water hooking a big one, sometimes fishermen need to make compromises. It isn’t always possible to make it out to the water, whether due to bad weather or lack of time and opportunity. At times like this it is a lot of fun to play fishing games. There are literally thousands of fishing games from which to choose. Here is a list of the best fishing games out there.

The Strike

This game released in 2009 is simply the most fantastic fishing game ever to be produced. Released for both the Xbox 360 and Wii systems, there is a whole lot to love about The Strike. The graphics are some of the most realistic of any game. The reality of this game is what really makes it stand out. There is an actual fishing rod controller available for the Xbox 360. This controller and the Wiimote both vibrate during game play to simulate the feeling of getting a bite and reeling in a fish. This game is one that never gets old.

Rapala Trophies

Two things make this game stand out among the hordes of fishing games on the market. The first is that this game is played on the PSP. Being able to take this game anywhere is a major plus. The second great thing about Rapala Trophies is the great detail in the game. All the equipment in the game is real equipment that handles in the game just like it does in real life. The camera angles change to show many different views during the course of the game, and the graphics are outstanding.

Sega Bass Fishing Duel

This was one of the first fishing games to provide the joys of competition to game players. The graphics seem a little primitive in today’s world, because this game came out for the PS2 way back in 2002. That doesn’t diminish the fun that this game give its players, and it will always have a spot in fishing game history for providing one of the best competition experiences.

Reel Fishing: Angler’s Dream

The draw to this game for the Wii is the learning experience that it provides. Much like real life, fishermen in this game spend their time trying to capture a legendary fish. As players learn more and more techniques through practice, they increase their chances of bagging a dream fish.

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