Putting Together a Basic Set of Fishing Gear

Fishing is a really fun activity that can bring together people from all walks of life. It is one of the best activities for bridging the generation gap. Parents and children can bond over the simple acts of baiting a hook and seeing what bites. For those new to fishing, it can sometimes be overwhelming to wade through the wide variety of fishing gear out there. This guide will show beginning anglers how to put together fishing gear for freshwater fishing.

Very Basic Freshwater Fishing Gear

Freshwater fishing is the simplest way to get started in fishing. It can be practiced with very basic gear. A simple straight rod and reel outfitted with line and a hook is all that is needed to get started in freshwater fishing. Worms are the only bait that is necessary, and these can be easily acquired for free in the backyard. Those who don’t want to dig for worms can improvise by using pieces of hot dog, bread bits or corn instead. Putting together this simple fishing gear is a great way for parents to introduce their kids to the world of fishing.

More Advanced Freshwater Fishing Gear

Once people start to get hooked on fishing, they will want to start fishing with more varied gear than a pole and some worms. This is where the possibilities start to become endless. The first step for those wanting to expand their fishing arsenal is to get a tackle box. This tackle box should have plenty of room, because as the years go by it will start to be filled with many different kinds of bait.

The first thing to add is a nice set of metal lures. These are inexpensive and very durable, and anglers can put a different kind of metal lure for every situation in their tackle boxes. The next step is to add plastic and rubber lures that simulate various kinds of insects and animals. These can be a little more expensive and less durable, depending on the quality of the lure.

It is also a good idea to add a wide variety of hooks, lines, bobbers and sinkers to a good set of fishing gear. Make sure to put a nice set of stainless steel pliers in the tackle box as well. Try to listen to local anglers to find the fishing gear that works best for them. Older, seasoned anglers will know all the tricks that work in the areas they fish in.

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