Get Flippy

Get Flippy is kind of a mean fishing game, but it’s all in good fun, so don’t start calling PETA or anything just yet. In Get Flippy, you try to shoot jumping dolphins with a high powered rifle. The dolphins jump at different distances and have targets painted on them. The more dolphins you hit, the more points you accumulate. Be sure to blow away the sail boat in the distance. You won’t get any points for it, but it’s fun to watch it burn and sink. You’ve got quite a bit of ammunition to use, but it’s a lot more challenging than you think. Many of you probably don’t have the skills to even hit one of the jumping dolphins. Good luck.

57 thoughts on “Get Flippy

  1. this games is a awesome game to play I love dolphins so i thought that id just love to see what its like to kill a fake dolphin
    I was nearly crying


  2. it is mean but is only a game, and who ever is shooting dolphins need to get a live it is so mean what if a dolphin go a gun and started shooting us same with whales. The way we’re going there will be no dolphins or whales for our grand kids or our great grand kids

  3. it is hard to shoot the dolphins and when you do a bunch of blood gushes is so awsome.but the game isnt really sucks.

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