Frankie the Fish 2

Just in case you didn’t get enough of the first Frankie the Fish, now’s your chance to play the popular fishing game one more time, with exciting new challenges.  Frankie is on a new underwater feeding trip.  Eat all of the fish that are smaller than you, but be sure to avoid the bigger fish because if they get you, you’ll literally be fish food.  (That means the big fish will kill you, so don’t let them get you).  Press the spacebar to move towards the top of the screen.  Release it to move down.  Pretty easy right.  Well play Frankie the Fish now and see if you can manage a high score.


56 thoughts on “Frankie the Fish 2

    1. When “Frankie the Fish” appears on the screen, look in the bottom middle. It says “Play the Game”….click that. I think it will help you.

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