Fishing Trip

Fishing trip is a very simple fishing game, but it’s still a ton of fun. First you’ll want to choose the location you’d like to fish. Fishing Trip has 3 locations you can choose from, which will let you catch different species of fish, depending on where you decide to go fishing. Once you’re at the fishing spot, you’ll need to get a line in the water before you can catch any fish. Press the “CAST” button to cast your line and lure into the water. Remember, fishing is all about patience, so you might not get a fish to bite right away. When you do get a bite, the bobber will go under water and your pole will bend. Now the trick to landing the fish is to keep the power meter on the left in the green area. If you have too much or too little tension on the fishing line, you will lose the fish. To keep the proper tension, click on the pull / release button to keep the power meter right in the middle. It may take a bit of work to get the fish, but stick with it. Eventually you’ll land the fish and you’ll be given its type and size. Keep catching as many fish as you can. You have 10 casts to use, then your game is over. Have fun playing Fishing Trip.

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