Fishin Fever

Welcome to Fishin Fever.  In this fishing game you either fish in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska or Lake Powell in Arizona. The object is to try to catch as many fish as you can within the time limit.  This will get you the largest amount of prize money.  Keep an eye on the patience meter and make sure you don’t lose it, Remember you can always switch fishing lures if one doesn’t seem to be working.

Game Controls: Watch the water for the fish shadows in the water and use the marker to point the way to cast your fishing line. Change fishing lures by clicking the selector arrows on the tackle box.

Have fun playing Fishin Fever

68 thoughts on “Fishin Fever

  1. If any of you live in the Tucson,AZ area, I have a tip for you. go to lakeside lake and fish with salmon eggs or corn on a #12 or #14 hook and you have an easy rig for big bluegill!!!!!

  2. I caught 20 fish and won $5000 in prize money on 1585 LBS landed. I caught 3 Groupers, 2 Marlins, and 2 Hammerhead Sharks along with the 12 other fish i caught.

  3. peddy:
    when you catch an Octopus you have $250 taken out of your prize moeny.
    If you would like to catch and Octopus you need to use Tsunami.

  4. If you use the Tsunami lure and catch octopus, don’t use Tsunami again. You’ll catch, catch, catch, and catch octopus again.

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