Catch Fish

In the game Catch Fish, you have to throw explosives into the water and try to hit as many fish as you can. This game is extremely difficult and while it looks like a relatively simple fishing game, you’ll be surprised at how much timing it takes to actually get direct hits on the fish. In order to move on to the next level, you must hit all of the fish and boats on the current level. You have to hit the fish directly, close doesn’t count in Catch Fish.

Instructions: Use your mouse to move the fisherman along the rail of the boat. Click and hold your mouse button to start the throw. Watch the distance meter on the left of the screen. When it’s aligned with the target you want to hit, let go of it and the cannon ball will be thrown into the ocean. Keep in mind that because the fish are moving, you need to throw it a little ahead of them or you won’t score a direct hit. After each level is cleared, you move to more difficult fishing levels.

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