Amateur Super Fishing

Amateur Super Fishing is an exciting fishing adventure that will keep you playing for hours. Begin by customizing your fisherman if you wish. You can cast your line anywhere in the water below the fisherman. You will see fish crossing the creek from side to side and it’s your job to reel em in. Your choice of lure color and style will determine how many bites you get, so feel free to experiment. A green circle around your line means you have a good chance of a bite. A red circle means the fish aren’t really interested in your bait.

Click your mouse to cast when you see the orange arrow in the water
Click your mouse again to reel in slowly
When a fish is near your lure and bites, double click to set the hook
Double clicking will reel in fast and jerky
When reeling the fish in, be careful not to lose the fish by stressing the line too much
Keep an eye on your mission objectives and your lures & map.

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