A Quick Guide to Fishing Lures

fishing luresFishing lures are the most versatile type of bait for anglers. A tackle box loaded with a nice variety of fishing lures will allow any kind of fish to be hooked in all types of fishing conditions. For those new to the world of fishing lures, the wide variety of lures available can be overwhelming. Follow this quick guide to figure out the many types of fishing lures available.


These lures are something that every angler needs in their tackle box. They are made with a lead weighted head attached to a hook. This is surrounded by a trailing skirt made of feathers, fur or a synthetic substitute. Jigs are fished using the cast and retrieve method, and they can be used to catch almost any kind of fish.

Spoons and Spinnerbaits

These are metal baits that simulate the small fish that bigger fish eat as a staple of their diet. These are also baits that can be used to catch any kind of fish. Most of these are used with the cast and retrieve method, but some are also used with trolling and jigging.

Plastic Baits

This type of bait is made from soft plastic that is molded into the forms of the animals that fish love to eat. The most common of these fishing lures simulate worms, lizards, insects and frogs. Plastic baits are most often fished with a sinker that drags the lure beneath the surface of the water. The bait is then reeled in with a series of jerks that simulates the movement of injured prey.


These fishing lures are similar to plastic baits, because they are made to resemble the small animals that larger fish eat. However, they are made from wood instead of plastic. Plugs also are used with a much wider variety of fishing techniques. Some are made for bottom fishing, some skim along the surface and some are made to float in the cruising zone of fish.


Fishing with flies is considered to be the realm of master anglers. These fishing lures are the most beautiful, and many fishermen will pay big dollars for flies tied by master craftsmen. Flies are most commonly used by fly fisherman that perfect the technique of casting them to jerk through the air and plop on the surface of the water. However, they can also be used with weights to drop below the surface.

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